Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, to the corner of the internet dedicated to all things Creature Feature. Not know what a CF is?

“A Creature Feature is any feature length film, TV movie or short film that contains a creature.”

A feature with a creature, how simple is that?

Here are the rules for what classifies a creature, with an example of each rule:

  1. Animals outside their normal range [Swamp Shark];
  2. Giant and/or man-eating variations of known species [Anaconda];
  3. Scientifically created species [Sharktopus];
  4. Scientifically enhanced variations of known species [Boa vs. Python];
  5. Dinosaurs and other previously extinct species [Mammoth];
  6. Animals previously thought to be hoaxes [Rage of the Yeti];
  7. Mythical animals with a zoological basis [Minotaur];
  8. Paranormal or supernatural entities with animal-like characteristics [Mothman];

The final rule is perhaps the most controversial…

  1. A creature cannot be an alien or intergalactic life form;

I’ll post a new review whenever I can and if there’s a creature feature that you think will be perfect for a review then then let me know!


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