The Creature Catalogue is up [UPDATED]

Just a quick update to highlight a new feature: The Creature Catalogue!

It’s my plan to track down and list every single creature feature that has ever been made… ever!

I’ll be using my own collection of films and information from my copy of Tooth and Claw by Dan Whitehead, a must-have book for all creature feature enthusiasts.

I’ve separated the creature features into what I consider to be the main categories and I’ll keep each category updated regularly.

I’ve started with Snakes (my personal favourite) but I’ll be covering each category soon enough.

Obviously if I’ve missed any, please drop me a comment and I’ll add it to the lists. Hopefully it’ll help you find some obscure, rare and perhaps even forgotten creature features!



All the categories are now live. If I have missed any films then please comment on this post with your suggestions and I’ll upload them.


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