Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Creature Feature Corner!

I hope that everyone had as much fun as I did this year, here’s what I got up to:


As a little extra for all the kids out trick r treating we dressed up Muffin to help provide some added scariness/ cuteness. Muffin is a pure-bred Rottweiler so she is big but at only 14 months old, she is far from fully grown. Unfortunately when shops make Halloween costumes for dogs, they tend to be for Pugs or Chihuahua so Muffin’s costume is actually a toddlers ghost costume which just about fits over her huge head and neck. Impressively she wore the costume for the full trick r treating hour and didn’t try to remove, eat or tear apart the costume at all. Good girl!

We also had our annual Halloween themed meal, on this year’s menu we had…

ringsTrick r Treat Rings with Spooky Salsa
Onion Rings
Calamari Rings
Tomato, Garlic & Jalapeño Salsa
dinnerToad in the Coffin with Monster Brains & Zombie Bones
Toad in the Hole
Green Pepper stuffed with Cauliflower Cheese
Roast Parsnips & Potatoes
sundaesFlesh & Blood Sundae with an Eyeball
Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate Mascapone, Red Velvet Cake, Fresh Raspberries, Raspberry Sauce & Whipped Cream Sundae
Red Velvet Cake coated with White and Dark Chocolate


How did you celebrate Halloween?


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