Boa vs Python review


After a giant Python escapes from its convoy, eccentric billionaire and extreme hunting enthusiast Broddick assembles a hunting party to track the snake down. At the same time however, the FBI enlist a genetically enhanced Scarlet Boa to seek out and kill the giant Python…

Boa vs Python is one of the earliest creature feature crossovers and I still believe that it holds up as being one of the best.

Not only does the film deliver on the promise of the premise but we’re even given a fairly interesting set of human characters to follow. David Hewlett and Jaime Bergman are our serious scientist protagonist and the formation of their relationship is believable and well-paced.

The designs for the snakes are beautiful with the bright blue colouring for the Python and the beautiful scarlet red for the Boa and although the majority of their scenes take place underground or at night, it is nice to see the creatures get such a screen presence. The choice to have the two bright primary colours really helps to differentiate between them especially when they become coiled together mid-battle.

Admittedly the CGI has dated quite a bit but thanks to the amount of screen time dedicated to the creatures, you get used to their look quickly and it stops being distracting.

The unquestionable highlight of the film is the lead villain, Broddick: a macho, self-centred billionaire playboy / professional hunter with a supermodel girlfriend. Kendrick relishes in the campy, fun-loving atmosphere and spends every moment of his screen time doing the most reckless, illogical and at times insane things, you could possibly do in that given situation.

This helps to underline the film’s biggest strength: what Boa vs Python lacks in budget, it makes up for with creativity, enthusiasm and fun.

BvP delivers on the snake combat whilst still providing some interesting human characters to keep us invested. The film is short, honest, loud and unashamedly silly, everything you could ask for from a film titled Boa vs Python.

Profile Boa vs Python (2004)
Director David Flores
Writers Phillip J Roth, Chase Parker & Sam Wells
Cast David Hewlett, Jaime Bergman, Adam Kendrick, Kirk B R Woller, Angel Boris & Griff Furst
Creature Giant Reticulated Python & Genetically-Enhanced Scarlet Boa Constrictor

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