Weekly Update: August 29th – September 4th

Welcome to the Creature Feature Weekly Update, where you can get all on the information for your weekly dose of Creature Feature action in cinemas, on home media or live on TV; covering Monday 29th August to Sunday 4th September 2016!

In Theatres

This Week: The Shallows 12 August 2016 Trailer

On Digital, DVD & Blu-ray

This Week: Sharknado 4 (Digital) 2 September 2016 Trailer
Upcoming: Sharknado 4 (DVD) 5 September 2016 Trailer
Sharknado 1 – 4 Box Set 5 September 2016
The Hatching 26 September 2016 Trailer
Sharkenstein 17 October 2016 Trailer

TV Highlights

Monday Zombie Shark 01:10 Syfy Channel
Bermuda Tentacles 04:00 Syfy Channel
The Land That Time Forgot 18:10 Syfy Channel
Tuesday Amphibious 02:10 Syfy Channel
Wednesday Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus 16:00 Syfy Channel
Sunday Amphibious 01:20 Syfy Channel


Freshwater DVD Giveaway Deadline: August 29th 2016

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