Zed Zombie Survival Events Returns For The Christmas Period

Zed Zombie Survival Events have answered the thrill seekers prayers this Christmas as they announce they will be hosting Original Zombie Survival Experiences from 2nd December-27th January. Due to popular demand, they will be running two shows on Friday and Saturday.

Zed Events, who have terrified over 40,000 victims since their launch 5 years ago will lay on ‘full immersion’ zombie survival events in an 250,000 Sqft abandoned shopping mall for the holiday season. Each event in their Reading facility is an adrenalin and blood soaked survival horror event like no other. From arrival, the thrill seeker will be part of an unfolding story that will play out in real time.

A Zed Events experience is like being in a film, except you are not acting. The fear will be real. This is what is meant by ‘Full Immersion.’ The team use movie quality Special Effects, weapons and props (provided by Hollywood SFX artists) to achieve something that is unrivaled in live survival horror. This will be something that you will never forget. You simply turn up and take part. Everything is taken care and provided for you, you just need to survive. Sounds easy, right?

Zed Events survival experiences are rated incredibly highly, achieving five stars across the board from customers who dubbed it ‘absolutely brilliant and totally believable’, ‘to this day we think it is the best thing we’ve ever done’. A simply ‘WOW’ experience.

Got what it takes to survive the onslaught of the dead? Can you figure out the puzzles to escape the undead infested Mall? Book now at the award winning ‘Zombie Shopping Mall’!’

“Zed Events’ Zombie Survival Experience is an exhilarating escape from reality that still feels 100% real. A superb cast, spectacular make-up and special effects, plus a venue that could have come straight from the mind of Romero himself all make for an adrenaline-fuelled, pulse-pounding adventure that simply cannot be topped.” HorrorTalk.com

“I cannot recommend this event enough” The Fan Carpet

“Zed Events’ ‘Original Zombie Survival Experience’ is a skilfully orchestrated two-and-a-half hours of suspense, scares and storytelling. The whole experience is realised on such an impressively grand scale that it’s all too easy to get lost in the danger and thrills of a zombie apocalypse and forget about the real world altogether.”

Venue postcode: RG1 1NR (Reading)
There is parking available
You must be 16 years of age or over to take part

Check Zed Events out online
Website: http://www.zedevents.co.uk
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/zedeventsuk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zedeventsuk/


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