Ourscreen offers film fans £100 to host screenings

Cinema platform ourscreen has introduced a new offer allowing users to earn £100 when they host any successful film screening at their local cinema.

  • ourscreen allows users to host their own film screening in their local cinema
  • The site has access to over 10,000 films, including hundreds of sci-fi classics
  • In April, hosts who create a successful film screening will receive £100
  • Available in over 150 UK cinemas, hosts will also get their own ticket for free
Fancy £100 to watch 12 Monkeys back on the big screen? How about free tickets to bring Alien to your local cinema, 40 years after its release?

ourscreen, the crowdsourced cinema platform, has introduced a new offer for budding cinema-goers, giving film fans the opportunity to receive £100 when they host any successful film screening at their local cinema, plus their own cinema ticket totally free.

Since 2014, ourscreen’s crowdsourced model has allowed members of the public to arrange film screenings at their local cinema. But for the first time, hosts who create screenings will be rewarded with £100 if their screening succeeds in selling the minimum number of tickets required in order to go ahead.

The new incentive is aimed to encourage sci-fi fans to host regular screenings, and provide an opportunity for film clubs to develop across the UK. Two of ourscreen’s most successful hosts have grown into popular film clubs in Manchester and Barnstaple, both hosting sell-out screenings of classic films each month.

David Kapur, co-CEO of ourscreen said, “In Manchester and Barnstaple we’ve been able to see how one person showing their favourite film can snowball into a fantastic film club that brings people back to the cinema over and over again. Our offer aims to reward those whose effort makes these screenings happen and have committed to something that brings people together, at a time when we spend too much time alone. It might even lead to some new friendships too.

ourscreen has a rotating choice of over 600 films, including science fiction films ranging from classics such as Robocop and John Carpenter’s The Thing, to newer releases such as Jonathan Glazer’s Under The Skin, starring Scarlett Johansson. The site has access to over 150 cinemas, including ODEON and Vue multiplexes.

Initially, the offer applies to all screenings created before April 30th 2019. Hosts can create a screening at ourscreen.com/host.

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