What is a Creature Feature?

“A Creature Feature is any feature length film, TV movie or short film that contains a creature.”

A feature with a creature, how simple is that?

The Rules

So in order to be included in the catalogue, a Creature Feature must follow 4 simple rules:

  1. Genre
    • Must classify under the banner of one of the two CF parent genres – Sci Fi or Horror
  2. Focus
    • The Creature must be integral to the plot and/or be the main driving force of the narrative
  3. Body Count
    • The Creature must be directly responsible for the death of at least one human being
  4. Creature
    • The Creature must fit into one of the following categories:

The Categories

  1. Animals outside their normal range [Swamp Shark];
  2. Giant and/or man-eating variations of known species [Anaconda];
  3. Scientifically created species [Sharktopus];
  4. Scientifically enhanced variations of known species [Black Sheep];
  5. Dinosaurs and other previously extinct species [Mammoth];
  6. Animals previously thought to be hoaxes [Rage of the Yeti];
  7. Mythical animals with a zoological basis [Minotaur];
  8. Paranormal or supernatural entities with animal-like characteristics [Mothman];

Whilst the Universal Monster movies were once referred to as creature features, this site is dedicated to the CGI-sploitation, Nature Run Amok, Natural Horror, Giant Monster Movies.

The Features

Current features on the site include:

  • Creature Catalogue – A database of every creature feature ever
  • Creature Feature History – Articles explaining the history/ context behind interesting movies
  • Creature Feature Interviews – Interviews with industry professionals
  • CF of the Day – Daily highlighting of a selected feature profile communicated via Twitter

The Legal Stuff

All pictures used on this site are copyrighted and belong to their respective owners whether they be creators, producers, distributors or other. None of the images used belong to Creature Feature Corner and are used under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, where allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research.

All the articles featured on this site, unless stated otherwise, are written and owned by Creature Feature Corner.

Hound Opening


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