Beast of the Bering Sea (2013)

Sea Vampires (Airborne Amphibious Vampiric Sting Rays)

Alternate Titles
Bering Sea Beast
Damn Sea Vampires!


Don E FauntLeRoy

Brook Durham


“After losing an auction for a previously untouched area of sea bed, a family of gold dredgers immediately head down there to take what they can before the land officially belongs to their rivals. However that area was untouched for a reason and the dredgers unknowingly awaken a swarm of angry Sea Vampires. Now its a race against time as they must save their local dredging community from the dreaded Beast of the Bering Sea!”


  • Cassie Scerbo – Donna Hunter
  • Brandon Beemer – Owen Powers
  • Jonathan Lipnicki – Joe Hunter
  • Jaqueline Fleming – Megan
  • Kevin Dobson – Glenn Hunter
  • Lawrence Turner – Thorne
  • Michael Papajohn – Jonas
  • Dane Rhodes – Jeb

Creature Connections

  • Anaconda 3: Offspring – Don E FauntLeRoy
  • Anacondas: Trail of Blood – Don E FauntLeRoy
  • Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – Michael Papajohn
  • Flying Monkeys – Michael Papajohn
  • Mammoth – Brook Durham
  • Mothman – Lawrence Turner
  • Red: Werewolf Hunter – Brook Durham
  • Sharknado – Cassie Scerbo
  • SnakeHead Swamp – Don E FauntLeRoy
  • Tasmanian Devils – Brook Durham





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