Spiders 2: Breeding Ground (2001)

Mutant Spider

Alternate Titles
Invasion of the Spiders


Sam Firstenberg

Boaz Davidson
Stephen David Brooks


“When two shipwrecked lovers get picked up by a cargo ship, they believe that their prayers have been answered. However when they explore the lower bowels of the ship, they discover horrific science experiments where living humans are being used to incubate mutant spider eggs. When the giant, mutant spiders break free from their corporeal prisons, the two lovers find themselves hunted by not only the mutant spiders but also the evil ship crew. Will they be able to escape the Spiders’ Breeding Ground?!”


  • Stephanie Niznik – Alexandra
  • Greg Cromer – Jason
  • Daniel Quinn – Captain Bigelow
  • Richard Moll – Dr Grbac
  • Harel Noff – Simmons
  • Yuri Safchev – Monroe
  • Dimiter Kuzov – Garibaldi
  • Miroslava Bonjeva – Carolyn
  • Peter Antonov – Fernando
  • Velimer Velev – Mime / Spider

Creature Connections

  • Crocodile – Boaz Davidson
  • Crocodile 2 – Boaz Davidson
  • Ghost Shark – Richard Moll
  • Larva – Boaz Davidson
  • Mega Snake – Boaz Davidson
  • Mosquito Man – Boaz Davidson
  • Octopus – Boaz Davidson, Velimer Velev
  • Octopus 2 – Boaz Davidson, Dimiter Kuzov
  • Rats – Boaz Davidson
  • Scorpius Gigantus – Dimiter Kuzov
  • Shark Man- Boaz Davidson
  • Snakeman – Boaz Davidson
  • Spiders 2 – Boaz Davidson, Stephen David Brooks





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