Dino Wolf (2011)

Genetically Engineered Prehistoric Dire Wolf / Human Hybrid

Alternate Titles
Dire Wolf


Fred Olen Ray

Dan Golden
Patrick Moran


“When a rogue science experiment breaks free, it’s up to the sheriff of the local town to defend his fellow townspeople from the terrifying and deadly Dino Wolf!”


  • Maxwell Caulfield – Sheriff Parker
  • Steven Lee Allen – Ed Reilly
  • Dawn Ann Billings – Tina
  • Vince Cefalu – Cooper
  • John L Curtis – Conners
  • Paul DeAngelo – Mark
  • Angela Duffy – Jenny
  • Gil Gerard – Colonel Hendry
  • Gregory Paul Smith – Dire Wolf

Creature Connections

  • 100 Million BC – Gregory Paul Smith
  • Burial of the Rats – Dan Golden
  • Cry of the Winged Serpent – Maxwell Caulfield, Paul DeAngelo
  • Cyclops – Dan Golden
  • Dinosaur Island – Fred Olen Ray
  • Dinoshark – Dan Golden
  • Dragon Storm – Maxwell Caulfield
  • Hybrid – Fred Olen Ray
  • Komodo vs Cobra – Dan Golden
  • Mega Piranha – Gregory Paul Smith
  • Mega Python vs Gatoroid – Gregory Paul Smith
  • Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus – Gregory Paul Smith
  • Primitive – Gregory Paul Smith
  • Reptisaurus – Gil Gerard
  • Return of the Killer Shrews – Patrick Moran
  • Silent Venom – Fred Olen Ray, John L Curtis
  • Super Shark – Fred Olen Ray, John L Curtis, Gregory Paul Smith
  • The Wasp Woman (1995) – Fred Olen Ray
  • Tomb of the Werewolf – Fred Olen Ray, Dan Golden
  • Venomous – Fred Olen Ray, Dan Golden





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