Dark Age (1987)

Giant Crocodile

Alternate Titles
Les dents de la mort
The Teeth of Death
Blood Surf 2


Arch Nicholson

Grahame Webb
Sonia Borg
Stephen Cross
Tony Morphett


“Based on the novel by Grahame Webb. When a giant crocodile starts terrorising the Australian Northern Territories, a park ranger takes it upon himself to put an end to the croc’s reign of terror once and for all. However it appears that one of his local guides may have a much deeper connection to the crocodile than the park ranger first thought. Will he be able to overcome this and stop the bloodthirsty horror from the Dark Age?!”


  • John Jarratt – Steve Harris
  • Nikki Coghill – Cathy Pope
  • Max Phipps – John Besser
  • Burnham Burnham – Oondabund
  • David Gulpilil – Adjaral
  • Ray Meagher – Rex Garret
  • Jeff Ashby – Mac Wilson
  • Paul Bertram – Jackson
  • Ron Blanchard – Bluey Noakes

Creature Connections

  • Rogue – John Jarratt
  • The Marsupials: The Howling III – Burnham Burnham





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