Pegasus vs Chimera (2012)

Pegasus (winged horse)
Chimera (hybrid of mulitple animals)

Alternate Titles
The Blood of Pegasus


John Bradshaw

Jeremy Levy
Angela Mancuso
Kevin Commins


“In order to stop a corrupt tyrant wielding a deadly Chimera, a hunter and a princess join forces to track down the secret of the blood of the Pegasus!”


  • Sebastian Roché – Belleros
  • Nazneen Contractor – Princess Philony
  • Carlo Rota – King Orthos
  • Rae Dawn Chong – Mayda
  • James Kidnie – General Actae
  • Mimi Kuzyk – Queen Caria
  • Robert Clark – Tello
  • Andrew Jackson – Cyros
  • Santino Buda – King Dorian

Creature Connections

  • Fire & Ice – Angela Mancuso
  • Mimic – James Kidnie
  • Red: Werewolf Hunter – Angela Mancuso
  • Swamp Devil – James Kidnie
  • Wer – Sebastian Roché




    Maybe it’s the fact that I love Greek Mythology. Maybe it’s the fact that I had no idea that Carlo Rota from Saw V is in it. Maybe it’s the fact that it was on Netflix and I had nothing better to do. I watched Pegasus vs Chimera and I really enjoyed it. It is by no means spectacular but the creativity and originality overcame the obvious budgetary and quality issues. As on the one hand the costumes are great, the acting is enjoyably hammy and the creature designs are awesome but the storyline is needlessly convoluted, the sword-fighting is horribly unconvincing and the overuse of repeated locations are laughably bad at times (seriously, there is only one stretch of beach that features in five separate scenes). However much of it is as expected from a super low budget SyFy Channel movie though and although the titular Pegasus and Chimera barely fight each other, at least a period piece with funky weapons, costumes and horse riding makes a nice difference from the usual person of authority teams up with eccentric hunter/expert to save bikini babes from giant, man-eating, geographically displaced creature X.

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