Reptiles/ Amphibians/ Dragons/ Dinosaurs

Welcome to the section dedicated to pretty much everything else. Sometimes creature features can be hard to categorise so in this section you’ll find everything containing Reptiles which includes (but is not limited to) Amphibians, Dragons and Dinosaurs. So if you’ve ever wanted to watch a film about supremacist frog people, dragon-spouting volcanoes or a T-rex that lives underwater then you have come to right place. And make sure you don’t get confused by the 100 films with Jurassic in the title!

temp100 Million BC (2008)

tempA Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell (1990)

tempAberration (1997)

tempAge of Dinosaurs (2013)

tempAge of Dragons (2010)

tempAmphibious 3D (2010)

tempArea 407 (2012)

tempAztec Rex
(Tyrannosaurus Azteca) (2008)

tempBeyond Sherwood Forest (2009)

tempCarnivorous (2007)


(Lewd Lizards) (1985)

tempCowboys vs Dinosaurs (2014)

tempCry of the Winged Serpents (2007)

tempCurse of the Komodo (2004)

tempDawn of the Dragon Slayer (2011)

tempDinosaur Island (1994)

tempDinosaur Valley Girls (1996)

tempDracano (2013)

tempDragon Crusaders (2012)

tempDragon Dynasty: Kingdom of the Fire Dragons (2006)

tempDragon Fighter (2003)

tempDragon Hunter (2004)

tempDragon Quest (2009)

tempDragon’s Rage (2012)

tempDragon Storm (2004)

Dungeons & Dragons

    tempDungeons & Dragons (2000)
    tempDungeons & Dragons 2
    (Dungeons And Dragons: Wrath Of The Dragon God) (2005)
    tempDungeons & Dragons 3
    (Dungeons & Dragons: The Book of Vile Darkness) (2012)
(Dragon Wars) (2007)

(Extinction: Jurassic Predators)
(The Expedition)

tempFire and Ice (2008)

(Frogman) (2004)

tempFrogs (1972)


    tempHell Comes to Frogtown (1987)
    tempReturn to Frogtown (1993)
    tempMax Hell Frog Warrior
    (Toad Warrior)
tempGargantua (1998)

tempGila! (2012)

tempGorgo (1961)

tempJabberwock (2011)

tempJurassic Attack
(Rise of the Dinosaurs)

tempJurassic Block (2013)

tempJurassic City (2015)

tempJurassic Croc (2013)

Jurassic Park

    tempJurassic World – Fallen Kingdom
tempJurassic Shark (2012)

tempKillerSaurus (2015)

tempKomodo (1999)

kvcKomodo vs Cobra

tempLegendary: Tomb of the Dragon (2013)

tempMerlin and the Dragon Empire (2008)

tempOne Million Years BC

tempPlanet of Dinosaurs (1977)

tempPoseidon Rex (2013)

tempPterodactyl (2005)

(Q – The Winged Serpent)

Raptor Island

    tempRaptor Island (2004)
    tempRaptor Island 2
    (Raptor Island: Planet Raptor)
    (Planet Raptor)
    (Jurassic Planet)
tempRaptor Ranch (2012)

tempReign of Fire (2002)

(The Frozen Evil Beast’s Onslaught) (1961)

tempReptisaurus (2009)

revengeofthelostRevenge of the Lost

tempSerpent Lake (2009)

tempTerrordactyl (2016)

cabininthewoodsThe Cabin in the Woods

tempThe Dinosaur Project (2012)

tempThe Flying Serpent (1946)

tempThe Giant Gila Monster (1959)

tempThe Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon (2008)

tempThe Lost World (1960)

tempThe Relic (1997)

tempThe Reptile (1966)

tempTriassic Attack (2010)

tempVolcanosaur (2015)

tempWarbirds (2008)

tempWhen Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth

(Jurassic Predator)

tempYoung Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon
(Di Renjie: Shen Du Long Wang)

(Z/Rex – The Jurassic Dead)


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