The Eden Formula (2006)

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Alternate Titles
Carnosaur 5
Tyrannosaurus Wrecks


John Carl Buechler

John Carl Buechler


“A team of scientists clone a Tyrannosaurus Rex using the Eden Formula in an attempt to impress their stockholders. However when a group of industry spies accidentally let the dinosaur loose in Los Angeles, the original creator of the Eden Formula must lead a team of unlikely heroes in defeating the bloodthirsty cloned Carnosaur!”


  • Jeff Fahey – Dr Harrison Parker
  • Dee Wallace – Rhonda
  • Tony Todd – James Radcliffe
  • Alexandra Ford – Rebecca Winters
  • Stephen Wastell – Eddie
  • Don Luce – Riley
  • Paula Ficara – Miss Revers
  • Angie Lieuw – Tanya Lee
  • Gregory Gast – Harlon McVicker

Creature Connections

  • Abominable – Dee Wallace
  • Alligator II: The Mutation – Dee Wallace
  • Blue Demon – Jeff Fahey
  • Critters – Dee Wallace
  • Cujo – Dee Wallace
  • El Chupacabra – Paula Ficara
  • Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go to College – John Carl Buechler
  • Locusts: The 8th Plague – Jeff Fahey
  • Manticore – Jeff Fahey
  • Minotaur – Tony Todd
  • Robocroc – Dee Wallace
  • Saurian – John Carl Buechler
  • Scorpius Gigantus – Jeff Fahey
  • The Howling – Dee Wallace
  • Troll – John Carl Buechler





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