Super Shark (2011)

Giant Mutated Shark

Alternate Titles


Fred Olen Ray

Fred Olen Ray
Clyde McCoy
Antonio Olivas


“When a dangerous chemical mutates a shark into giant bullet-prood killing machine capable of flight and walking on land, a marine biologist and a drunk sea captain must team up to save the local bikini contest from becoming an all-you-can-eat buffet. But with an enemy that can strike on land, air and sea, will they be able to defeat the Super Shark?!”


  • Sarah Lieving – Kat Carmichael
  • John Schneider – Roger Wade
  • Tim Abell – Skipper Chuck
  • Jimmie Walker – Dynamite Stevens
  • Jerry Lacy – Stewart
  • Ted Monte – Dr. Miller

Creature Connections

  • Dinosaur Island – Fred Olen Ray
  • Dire Wolf – Fred Olen Ray, Ted Monte
  • Gargoyle – Tim Abell
  • Hybrid – Fred Olen Ray, Tim Abell, Ted Monte
  • Jersey Shore Shark Attack – Ted Monte
  • Komodo vs Cobra – Ted Monte
  • Lake Placid 2 – John Schneider
  • Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus – Sarah Lieving
  • Monster – Sarah Lieving
  • Ogre – John Schneider
  • Raptor – Tim Abell, Ted Monte
  • Return of the Killer Shrews – John Schneider
  • Shark Swarm – John Schneider
  • Silent Venom – Fred Olen Ray, Ted Monte
  • Snow Beast – John Schneider
  • The Curse of the Komodo – Tim Abell, Ted Monte
  • The Eden Formula – Antonio Olivas
  • The Wasp Woman (1995) – Fred Olen Ray
  • Tomb of the Werewolf – Fred Olen Ray
  • Venomous – Fred Olen Ray, Ted Monte





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