Swamp Shark (2011)

Freshwater Shark

Alternate Titles
Killer Shark
Flying Jaws


Griff Furst

Jennifer Iwen


“After an animal smuggler accidentally unleashes a man-eating shark into the swamps of Louisiana, a series of brutal animal attacks put the upcoming annual Gator Fest in jeopardy. When her alligators are blamed for the attacks, a restaurant owner must find the real culprit to save not only her family business but the lives of hundreds. Will she discover the truth in time or will she become just another victim of the ravenous Swamp Shark?!”


  • Kristy Swanson – Rachel Broussard
  • D B Sweeney – Tommy
  • Robert Davi – Sheriff Watson
  • Richard Tanne – Tyler
  • Jeff Chase – Jason ‘Swamp Thing’ Broussard
  • Jason Rogel – Martin
  • Sophie Sinise – Krystal Broussard
  • Wade Boggs – Deputy Stanley
  • Dylan Ramsey – Scott

Creature Connections

  • Arachnoquake – Griff Furst
  • Basilisk: The Serpent King – Griff Furst
  • Boa vs Python – Griff Furst
  • Ghost Shark – Griff Furst
  • Lake Placid 3 – Griff Furst
  • Monsterwolf – Griff Furst
  • Ragin Cajun Redneck Gators – Griff Furst
  • Red Water – Kristy Swanson
  • Wolvesbayne – Griff Furst





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