Tintorera! (1977)

Tiger Sharks

Alternate Titles
Tintorera: Killer Shark


René Cardona Jr

Ramón Bravo
Christina Schuch
René Cardona Jr


“Two womanising shark hunters start their own business together under the one rule of: “avoid Tiger Sharks at all costs”. When they get distracted by a three-way relationship with an English tourist, one of the shark hunters falls victim to a Tiger Shark with breathing difficulties. When his partner gone and his English girlfriend runaway, the remaining shark hunter vows vengeance upon the deadly wheezing shark that the locals call Tintorera!”


  • Hugo Stiglitz – Steven
  • Andrés García – Miguel
  • Susan George – Gabriella
  • Fiona Lewis – Patricia
  • Eleazar García – Crique
  • Roberto ‘Flaco’ Guzmán – Colonado
  • Jennifer Ashley – Kelly Madison
  • Laura Lyons – Cynthia Madison
  • Priscilla Barnes – Girl From Bar #1

Creature Connections

  • Cave of the Sharks – Andrés García
  • Cyclone – René Cardona Jr, Andrés García
  • The Last Shark – Ramón Bravo
  • Venom – Susan George






    The several fishing scenes in this film containing live sharks being killed are not simulated. Real sharks were fished and killed for various scenes throughout this film. As far as I’m aware, this graphic content exists all in cuts of the film. There is no special effects trickery, watch at your own discretion.

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