Lake Placid vs Anaconda (2015)

Enhanced Giant Anaconda
Giant Asian Crocodiles

Alternate Titles
Τα σαγόνια του κροκόδειλου εναντίον ανακόντα
The jaws of the crocodile against anaconda


AB Stone

Berkeley Anderson


“When Murdoch’s daughter and Jim Bickerman unwittingly unleash Blood Orchid enhanced Anacondas and the Crocodiles of Black Lake on the neighboring Clear Lake, it’s up to Sheriff Reba and Fish & Wildlife warden Tully to save a group of vacationing Sorority Girls and put an end to this madness once and for all. But how many human lives will be lost in the climatic battle of the Crocodiles of Lake Placid vs Anaconda!”


  • Corin Nemec – William ‘Tully’ Tull
  • Yancy Butler – Sheriff Reba
  • Robert Englund – Jim Bickerman
  • Skye Lourie – Bethany Tull
  • Annabel Wright – Sarah Murdoch
  • Stephen Billington – Beach
  • Laura Dale – Tiffani
  • Ali Eagle – Margot
  • Oliver Walker – Deputy Ferguson

Creature Connections

  • Basilisk: The Serpent King – Yancy Butler
  • Black Swarm – Robert Englund
  • Blood in the Water – Annabel Wright
  • Dracano – Corin Nemec
  • Dragon Dynasty – Berkeley Anderson, Corin Nemec
  • Dragon Wasps – Corin Nemec
  • Lake Placid 3 – Yancy Butler
  • Lake Placid: the Final Chapter – Yancy Butler, Robert Englund
  • Mansquito – Corin Nemec
  • Monster Ark – Berkeley Anderson
  • Python – Robert Englund
  • Rage of the Yeti – Yancy Butler
  • Raging Sharks – Corin Nemec
  • Rise of the Dinosaurs – Corin Nemec
  • Robocroc – Berkeley Anderson
  • Roboshark – Laura Dale
  • Sand Sharks – Corin Nemec
  • Shark Week – Yancy Butler
  • Strippers vs Werewolves – Robert Englund
  • The Sea Beast – Corin Nemec
  • Wolvesbayne – Yancy Butler



    I am a huge fan of both the Lake Placid and the Anaconda franchises so I was unbelievably excited when the crossover was announced… in November 2013! After 16 months of complete silence, it was finally confirmed that Lake Placid vs Anaconda would be premiering in April. And the film is kinda disappointing but definitely worth watching.

    First of all let’s make this clear, Lake Placid vs Anaconda is pretty much just Lake Placid 5: This Time With Snakes and certainly not a balanced crossover. The film is set at Clear Lake, the only returning cast are from Lake Placid 4, the crocs get a greater percentage of the screen time and subsequently many more kills. The titular anacondas (of which there are only two) look nothing like their previous incarnations and the only connection to their franchise is Annabel Wright’s devilish lead villain Sarah Murdoch, the daughter of the John Rhys-Davies character from Anaconda 3 & 4.

    Strangely enough, this is actually the first LP sequel to try and emulate the original film’s comedic edge, only replacing the witty dialogue and snappy back-and-forth between Gleeson and Platt with oddball slapstick and over-the-top absurdity. The new character Deputy Ferguson borders on being unbearable and second tier antagonist Tiffani is perhaps the most obnoxious character the franchise has ever produced.

    That being said, there is still a lot to enjoy in Lake Placid vs Anaconda. The main villains, comprising of the aforementioned Sarah Murdoch and her henchmen Beach, work really well together and tagging Robert Englund, making a surprise return as Jim Bickerman, is a fantastic idea. Creature Feature veteran and newcomer to the franchise Corin Nemec is reliably fun as the new fish and wildlife character Tully with Sky Lourie and Ali Eagle, equally impressing as Beth and Margo.

    However the real star of the show and of the entire franchise is still Yancy Butler as Reba. Arguably a more neutered incarnation than we’ve seen before (perhaps the character is developing), Reba is now the Sheriff of Aroostook County and the second you see Butler onscreen with those eyebrows and that voice, you know that you’re in safe hands. She’s both funny and badass with the unstoppable attitude and dry wit that really make her stand apart from the rest. Partnering her with the buffoon Ferguson feels like it should have been successful and funny but she works great with Nemec’s Tully.

    Ultimately I would love for both franchises to continue, albeit separately in the future. I feel like there is more gold to be mined from the ever-growing Bickerman dynasty and watching Reba’s slow career progression to the top. I mean, she’s gone from Poacher to Fish & Wildlife Warden to County Sheriff, where will she go next?


3 thoughts on “Lake Placid vs Anaconda (2015)

  1. What are your ideas for Anaconda 6? I hope they bring back David Hasselhoff’s character like they did for Reba and Jim Bickerman!

    • I was pretty certain that Jim Bickerman was dead but then he just returns with an eye patch so I see no reason why David Hasselhoff couldn’t just do the same. I would still like there to be a LPvA 2 as I found the first one to be remarkably biased towards the LP franchise and I would like to see them introduce either some of the Anaconda franchise characters (such as the Hoff) or the Blood Orchids.

      What did you think of LPvA?

      As for an Anaconda 6, I like the idea of taking one of the giant Anacondas to a different country to become an amusement and I would shake things up by taking the franchise to Asian. So a bunch of Chinese hunters go to the forest, capture an Anaconda take it back to China to begin a snake-themed amusement park. On the opening day, the Anaconda gets loose and releases all the other snakes from their enclosures and chaos ensues. Crystal Allen returns as Amanda Hayes to play the whole ‘I told you this was a bad idea’ role whilst the Chinese hire Hammet (once again played by the Hoff) to solve this problem for them. In the end, Hammet dies (again) and Hayes and a Chinese protagonist save the day. So kind of a King Kong/ Jurassic Park mishmash which would probably require a much higher budget than Syfy can afford.

      What would you do with Anaconda 6?

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