Creature Feature Corner 2.0 – Updates


Hi Everyone!

Over the course of the week, you’ll start to see the slow transformation of Creature Feature Corner to its new updated format. Please see below for a full list of updates:

– Competitions to win DVDs will run every month, open to UK residents only
– Full T&Cs for competitions will be added to the About page

Weekly Updates
– Post every Monday detailing the cinema releases, home media releases and TV schedule for Creature Features

Main Menu
– Titles changed
– Home button added
– Reviews, Histories and Interviews have all been moved to Articles tab

– Creation of the Creature Feature Corner Facebook page

– New twitter handle @CreatureFilms

– No new reviews, interviews or other editorials until stated otherwise

New Graphics

– Designed by James Hussey and Kate Crabtree

These updates will be rolled out over the following week, with our first Weekly Update posted below.



Sharktopus vs Whalewolf review



When a genetically engineered wolf/whale/human hybrid goes rogue, it’s up to Sharktopus to put it down once and for all. But who will survive the outcome of the greatest battle in history: Sharktopus vs Whalewolf!

Sharktopus returns for his biggest battle yet and it proves the most enjoyable thanks to interesting creatures, a funny script and some gung-ho performances.

Whereas other films foolishly attempt a degree of seriousness that can be detrimental to the finished product, Sharktopus vs Whalewolf maintains a cartoonish sense of humour. Sharktopus is frequently anthropomorphised, Whalewolf behaves like an ill-trained puppy, the dialogue is littered with gags and Casper van Dien’s hammy performance is tonally perfect.

What also differentiates Sharktopus 3 (as it’s known in Germany) is the sheer amount of creature action. Continue reading