Director of ‘Invasion Planet Earth’ hopes to kickstart his latest Sci-Fi vision ‘Of Infinite Worlds’!

The team behind recent cult sci-fi sensation Invasion Planet Earth are excited to share with you an opportunity to be a part of their next project, ‘Of Infinite Worlds’, the team’s latest exciting and ambitious sci-fi movie.

‘Of Infinite Worlds’ crowdfunding IndieGoGo page has already reached over a third of its goal, and allows you to be a part of the filmmaking process in a variety of ways, including becoming an Associate or Executive Producer.

‘Of Infinite Worlds’ is set in the near future when humans discover a giant oak tree growing all alone on Europa, one of Jupiter’s Moons, a team of astronauts are sent out to investigate.

Here the astronauts discover that the tree offers a link to a neighbouring galaxy and a gift that will enable all humans to travel anywhere in universe.  However, when the astronauts are hurled into a futuristic war between an alien race called Babanthians and deadly robots called Illonians,  the survival of the human race is suddenly at risk…

Simon, and the whole team behind Invasion Planet Earth, were so thrilled with the community that was created during the crowdfunding for the film and they are couldn’t wait to connect with friends, old and new, to help create their next project!

With the Coronavirus hitting every industry hard, the team are asking for your help to give the film industry a kick start with the help of some extremely talented freelancers. From set designers to concept artists, the ‘Of Infinite Worlds’ team are keen to give opportunities to some of those who may have been hit the hardest by the lockdown and get them starting to make movie magic again! From designing costumes to building the spaceships these will be integral team members.

Find out more about ‘Of Infinite Worlds’ and how you can get involved here!

‘Beyond Existence’ seeking final crowdfunding through IndieGoGo

beyondexistence.jpgCapital Films is delighted that their latest film, Beyond Existence is now in the production phase of development. One year on from principal photography, they’re picture-locked, and they’re confident there is no other British Sci-Fi feature film like it in terms of narrative or cinematography. The final mission for the team is to now secure final funding to complete visual effects on the film.

Beyond Existence is a film made by industry professionals from the UK’s best TV shows, commercials and branded content campaigns. By night, they’re filmmakers who have just shot a Sci-Fi female-led feature film that passes the Bechdel test, and has a script that observes Blake Snyder’s ‘Save the Cat’ and Syd Field’s ‘Screenplay’ narrative structures.

To achieve this, the Beyond Existence team withdrew the little savings they had, borrowed parents’ cars, and stayed on campsites. Thanks to their daytime backgrounds they managed to pull in a lot of favours to bring the best in the UK industry to sites in Kent and Suffolk, so that the onscreen values are worthy of a Hollywood budget.

To complete this film, the Beyond Existence team need one final favour from the public. In order for Beyond Existence to make it to festival submission deadlines the team need to pick up the pace, and hire the people who can get them there. Why should they compromise on quality when they’ve come so far?

As can be seen in the work-in-progress trailer, they still need to raise money to finesse and finish the VFX. They’ll also add original music, complete colour grade and a full sound mix. They created the trailer and a brief clip of the film, which was all captured in one shot, to give you a sense of what the final film will be like.

By investing in Beyond Existence, you’re investing in a feature film that may have been made on zero budget but has production values of well over £500,000. Thanks to the team’s commercial background, they know how to make things look great and sell them. Their passion for narrative means that they’ve created a commercially-driven picture that doesn’t compromise on artistic integrity.

The film’s cast includes British acting talent Amelia ClayGary MacKay and Pauline Turner, and French star Vincent Vermignon. It is directed by Schuman Hoque.

What happens to our world when technology exceeds humanity?

Ellen is an agent sent on a mission to seek and destroy a professor who’s been illicitly trading government information to foreign territories. However, The Professor reveals a source of intelligence so powerful that Ellen has no choice but to spare The Professor’s life. The unlikely couple set across the barren landscapes of England on a new mission to save humankind.

Ellen, the ultimate professional, and The Professor, an old drunk with an acid tongue, don’t exactly make for the perfect travel companions. But the pair learn just how important their newfound relationship is when the road trip turns into a car chase.

As they flee from the Mysterious Man – a bounty hunter resolute that The Professor sticks to his original assignment, Ellen discovers that the technology assumed to make her civilisation superior, is also the source of a predetermined path of destruction: and the Professor is the instigator.

To save humanity, Ellen will go beyond fate, beyond destiny, and beyond existence.

To help contribute to the film, follow the link to their IndieGoGo campaign:
Beyond Existence