Zombeavers review



When some nuclear waste is accidentally dumped into the local lake, the wildlife starts mutating into freakish monstrosities hungry for human flesh. Fortunately for them, a group of sorority sisters and their boyfriends have just arrived at the lake for a quiet weekend getaway…

Zombeavers is very much a film of two halves.

The first half is carried almost exclusively by the three female leads and despite great performances by the actresses, their boyfriend melodrama is a little dull and their extreme personalities make it difficult to accept that these characters would actually be friends.

However as soon as the titular Zombeavers show up in the second half, the film really comes to life. The action is relentless as the titular creatures do everything they can to try and kill the protagonists. Within minutes of the invasion, I was swept up for the thrilling ride and lost myself in the pure enjoyment that Zombeavers offers. To my surprise and to the credit of the screenwriting, I was genuinely caught off-guard by some legitimately unforeseen revelations between the characters late in the film that only served to suck me into the story further.
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